Tim Cook, the World greatest leader – english version

Fortune magazine named Mr. Cook as the greatest leader in the world. The Pope was in 4th place and Taylor Swift at 6 and so on… the list can be controversial, but anyway…

We all know the circumstances shrouded in the rising of Tim Cook at the power and how diferent, from Steve Jobs, he directs the company’s business. Skepticism and critical were huge and intense with this man, and about Apple, since the beginning, but he proved to be up to the fight.

It has been a valiant warrior, at a battlefield where the difficulties are numerous and with complex ramifications. It seems that the greater the wealth, the greater the forces trying to suck it, this goes for any situation, imagine for Apple with a GDP higher than countries and being the most capitalized company in the world.

Within this context Tim Cook is not only keeping the generation of wealth, he is increasing it. And when we talk about wealth, is not only money, but deep values, philosophy, technology, various other things. During these three years of leadership, he faced profits in favor of ecology, there was an approach with employees, Apple became more global, among other facets

Regarding Apple there are two types of fans, the lovers and the haters, these last ones represent the other half of the world, they just want to see the chaos and the collapse of Apple, for several reasons. Climbing a mountain is difficult, try to imagine staying at the top, it is hardcore.

The challenge of Tim Cook is great, he was the successor of a god of the technology, but Tim it is just a human being. If Apple were a football team, it would be the most prestigious of the world, with millions of very demanding fans, louder and very critical. When Apple throws a pebble, not the watch, in the lake, this may cause the tsunami size repercussions. When you throw a Pebble Watch in the lake, you get the Apple Watch, from the Lady of the Lake herself.

The one responsible for directing Apple, should also be it’s best public relations, 24 hours a day, should be the face of the company, and one false step means falling shares and all types of consequences. And we’re talking about the guy who admitted to be gay, he did that in the middle of all these adversities. It is no small thing this exposure of his personal life. In the words of Tim Cook:

“I have thick skin,” he says, “but it got thicker. What I learned after Steve passed away, what I had known only at a theoretical level, an academic level maybe, was that he was an incredible heat shield for us, his executive team. None of us probably appreciated that enough because it’s not something we were fixated on. We were fixated on our products and running the business. But he really took any kind of spears that were thrown. He took the praise as well. But to be honest, the intensity was more than I would ever have expected.”

There are many leaders in our earth, it is difficult to measure a comparison to know who should be the first. Regardless of a classification, nobody can deny that Mr. Cook has been a great leader.


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