Apple Watch to be or not be

What is an Apple Watch, or what was supposed to be? Apparently Apple wants it to merge a clock, a fitness tracker with a smart watch at the same device. It is too early to know if the goal was reached, but the path may be right.

There are three types of “wearables”, as cited above. In terms of Smart Watches for iPhone, the only reliable one  is the Pebble, which remains increasingly popular. The premise of this watch is basically notifying the user. The plastic model can currently be found for $ 79, the metal one for $ 179.

In the field of Fitness Trackers, those that measure the heart rate, such as Apple Watch, we can mention the Fitbit Surge, which can be found for about $ 249. Prices for these types of device are usually expensive. And reading dozens of reviews the conclusion is that most of them produce frustrating experience. The Fitbit still delivers what it promises and also receives notifications, it is not excellent, but is good device.

Despite the good functioning, there are rumors that say the Fitbit wristband is causing skin irritation. Another problem is that many buyers have complained that the sensor that measures the heart beat forces the user to tighten the strap and place it in specific location on the arm to get a more accurate measurement, and it is impossible such arrangement for the entire day. The mentioned device is considered among the “best” currently on the market for its cost and benefit. It’s not perfect, but as said before, it all works. Even being a good device, you can see a lot of discomfort and doubts.

The Apple Watch displays time, notifications, works as a fitness tracker and even as a mini smartphone, it can make and receive calls, send and receive messages. The price is not salty if we add all the devices that would be needed to do the same things that the Apple Watch does. For example, if we had to add the new Pebble Time, plus a good gadget for fitness tracker and a standard good watch, the purchase would not be less than $ 700 and yet it would still miss some functionality, convenience.

We can also account for the quality of the material used in the device produced by Apple, far superior. Just to mention unparalleled touchscreen with Retina Display with force touch. Now try to compare this with the Pebble’s screen. Not only the Apple Watch material is amazing, but its design is also above the competition. Nothing can be compared to the refinement of Apple’s sensor in terms of quality and comfort.

The villain in Apple Watch remains to be the battery, but Apple has managed to soften a bit this issue with the “reserve mode”. It is an absolutely beautiful device, and works pretty well.

Some people will need to use one kind of wearable at least once in life to know the answer whether will or will not buy an Apple Watch.

The technology creates needs, it creates difficulties for facilities that did not exist before. Anyone making use of a device of this type will be involved in the temptation to buy a better product. Obviously those who do not even wear a watch will have fewer needs and desires not only for the Apple Watch, but in relation to any other device.

For those who already use wearables the Apple Watch will be the right thing step to. For iPhone users no other product overcomes the Apple Watch in terms of quality, beauty, utility and synergy. If Plato was fond of technology he would say that Apple Watch is the other half of your iPhone. Nothing in the market will be more integrated and complementary from one another, thus one it is soul mate of the other.


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