Which iPhone 6 to buy, the 16GB or 64GB?

Considering that this question is at the head of the people in the entire world, we decided to translate the previous post about this issue for the English language.

Anticipating the answer: undoubtedly opt for the 64GB.

This indecision round a lot of people interested in buying the new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. The 16GB of storage capacity reigned for considerable time as the most popular choice. However, the trend, as all technology advances things get behind, the 16GB capacity is outgone!

How doesn’t miss the PC 386 with 80MB juice! What a machine!

Apple as always is “original”, even in its imperfections. This is how some people see the continuity of the 16GB model, without even not knowing very well how to explain it. Of course, Cupertino knew what it was doing. And who will buy also needs to know, starting with the characteristics of the different models.

What changes is merely the flash memory, all other components and technical specifications are the same. There is a discussion of a negligible variation of battery life according to the size of the storage volume, but it is a very complex subject for this post.

For the person who is reading this, the simple fact of having gone to the trouble of researching on this topic, you should opt for the 64GB model. On the other hand, when the buyer seems to be oblivious to this problem, this could mean that maybe he or she does not need anything larger than 16GB of storage.

The technology, along with the facilities, creates needs. The requirement for a higher amount of storage is increasing each passing day. The reasons are numerous, the storage of images made during the early era of smartphones are piling up, the new applications require more space, people use more apps…

Another phenomenon that can not be left to mention is the ton of media exchanged in WhatsApp, among friends, family and the thousands of groups. Even more restrained users end up getting a dump of hundreds of media and information. A simplistic explanation to adopt the 64GB model is that a larger space provides more freedom. The statement seems obvious, but people forget. Pay for more storage makes them less dependent on cloud services and keep the person free of concerns to keep transfering photos and videos constantly to the note or to the desktop.

No trouble at the updates

On arrival of iOS 8 there were numerous people who have had difficulty in updating their devices, due to little space for the procedure. If on an iPhone all these problems are bad, they can be worse when using an iPad, so be warned people who is undecided about it when it comes to iPhone 6 Plus, with its size of a mini ipad.

Simple math

In mathematics, those who choose to pay the 16GB are practically subsidizing the price for the people buying the 64GB, as the latter has the advantage of quadrupled storage for only $ 100 more. You could say that 64 is a better cost and benefit compared to the 16GB model.

Price per GB on the iPhone 6:

16GB: $649 – $40.56 per GB / 64GB: $749 – $11.70 per GB / 128GB: $849 – $6.63 per GB Price per GB on the iPhone 6 Plus: 16GB: $749 – $46.81 per GB / 64GB: $849 – $13.27 per GB / 128GB: $949 – $7.41 per GB

Logically, if the user only uses the iPhone to receive, make calls and surf over the Internet, the indispensability of opting for more bits of volume becomes less relevant, but know this, 16GB is absoleto.

Later the person may regret an iPhone 16GB purchase when it comes the time to sell the device. And you, what you think about this? Have you decided yet?


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